Ace Training Institute [ATI] specializes in stepping-up organizational effectiveness, and profitability through developing employees’ soft skills and building upon their strengths through personal counseling, seminars and workshops.

The organizations need to have self-motivated, mature, enthusiastic, committed employees.

The seminars highlight the values that lead to excellence in career and the satisfaction and growth that fulfils each one’s potential. These seminars help motivate each executive to meet his own goals as well as those of the organization. Seminars are addressed to all groups from elite industrialists, executives, statesmen and young professionals. The collective synergy of individual excellence results in organizational excellence.

Ace Training Institute is a division of Ace Management Consultancy, which is a result of unceasing and tireless efforts of Mr. Ashok Samtaney. He is a double graduate from the University of Bombay, with postgraduate qualification in Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute. He worked his way up from shop floor production to becoming Production Manager. He also worked as Development and Marketing Manager (for domestic marketing as well as exports); Director – Product Planning; and Commercial Director.  He has been a Director with some of the companies and has the benefit of rich experience in diverse and wide ranging specialisations with large Indian and Multinational companies. A long track record as a management trouble shooter and a rich experience of over 30 yrs. in a wide spectrum of task functions has contributed to his establishment as Management Trainer and Consultant. He also provides consultancy for Quality Systems and is an auditor for ISO certification. He is also a visiting faculty to one of the reputed management institute.  Widely traveled all over the country and to various other countries, his steady rise from Production Supervisor to positions as Director, Commercial Director, Portal Director, and Managing Director is attributed to his leadership ability, high sense of commitment, initiative and drive to attain the set goals and face new challenges. He is a personal and business coach, helping clients to successfully navigate the challenges of transition, focus their plans into reality and leap forward.

The program and its content will be designed specially to meet specific needs, based on clients pre-determined business objectives. Ace Training Institute is constantly updating its knowledge, being closely linked with various institutions worldwide that carry out research on human behaviour and learning.  The programs have the effect of stimulating a variety of functions; participants get more energized, enthusiastic and help to turn their potential into performance. Our seminars are typically rated as ‘the best I have ever attended’.

You will observe financial gains accruing by the intangible benefits.

Some popular seminars, workshops are listed below:

Ÿ Know your Inner Self
Ÿ Fulfilling Objectives --- The Key to Success
Ÿ Blue Print Of Your Life
Ÿ Fire-up Your Success Energy
Ÿ Become Your Own Leader
Ÿ The Keys to Success.
Ÿ Unlock Your Potential
Ÿ Stress Management.
Ÿ Become a Living Magnet.
Ÿ Enhance your Selling Power.
Ÿ Gearing for the challenges of the borderless world
Ÿ Quality Drives Economic Value.
Ÿ Result Oriented Program
Ÿ Time Management.
Ÿ Team Spirit --- Key to Improve Performance
Ÿ Goal Setting
Ÿ Making a Presentation
Ÿ Business Communication
Ÿ Sky Rocket Your Success
Ÿ Effective Negotiating
Ÿ The Psychology of Selling
Ÿ Positioning, Perception & Self Image in Selling
Ÿ Qualities of Master Achievers
Ÿ Managing for Peak Performance
Ÿ Make Quantum Leaps in your Sales & Business Career
Ÿ Persuasion, Negotiation & Influence Skills
Ÿ Leadership --- series
Ÿ Success and Self-Motivation.
Ÿ The Magic Of Working Together. ………. and many more